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Unruly Child

An unruly child is defined as any child who does not subject himself or herself to the reasonable control of his or her parents, teachers, guardian or custodian, is habitually truant from home or school; deports himself or herself as to injure or endanger his health or morals; attempts to enter marriage without consent; is found to be in a disreputable place, or engages in an occupation prohibited by law. Unruly offenses include behaviors such as truancy from school, running away, and being incorrigible. These crimes would not be considered a crime if committed by an adult.

Some of the options the court utilizes when dealing an unruly child:

  • Counseling for the child and/or parent
  • Mandatory school attendance monitored by court officers
  • Specific programs such as community service or therapeutic programs
  • Place the child in a non-secure facility or with a relative
  • Place the child on probation supervision
  • Impose costs of the case against the juvenile