Common Pleas Court Municipal Court
Mercer Probate Juvenile Court

Security Deposits

The Probate Court requires the following deposits accompany the filing of all new cases:

Full Administration $200.00
Release from Administration $175.00
Summary Release from Administration
With Will $164.00
Without Will $139.00
Incompetent $200.00
Minor $200.00
Trusts $125.00
Civil Filings $150.00
Jury Trial Requested $1,000.00
Agency/Private Adoption with Placement $325.00
Agency/Private Adoption without Placement $230.00
Stepparent Adoption $220.00
Refinalization $200.00
Adult Adoption $180.00
Name Changes
Adult Name Change $135.00
Minor Name Change $140.00
Registration of Birth $35.00
Correction of Birth $35.00
Minor Settlement $100.00
Structured Settlement Transfer $90.00