Common Pleas Court Municipal Court
Mercer Probate Juvenile Court

Juvenile Traffic Offender

The Court has jurisdiction over all traffic offenses committed by juveniles. The Court has a variety of options when dealing with a juvenile traffic offender which include the following:

  • Suspending a license for any time period up to age 21
  • Place the child on probation
  • Impose fines and costs
  • Order the child to attend a driving school program
  • Order restitution
  • Have the child attend a specific program, such as community service or attend a therapeutic program

In Ohio, a juvenile has a probationary license. With this license, a juvenile is subject to additional penalties imposed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to which adults are not subject.

Possible Dispositional Orders

1st & Subsequent Offense(s)

  • Fine(s)
  • Court Costs
  • License Suspension
  • Essay
  • Points
  • Detention Center Time for OVI Offense
  • Community Control Sanctions
  • Traffic Course
Common Offenses Dispositions

Texting While Driving

  • 1st offense: $ 150 fine, 60 day lic
  • 2nd offense: $ 300 fine, 1 year lic

Not Stopping for School Bus

  • Fine up to $ 500
  • Court suspension of license

6 Month Suspension

  • 16 year old with moving offense within 6 months of getting license.
  • Drive with parent again for 6 month or until reach age 17, whichever is first

90 Day License Suspension

  • 2nd MOVING offense
  • BMV reinstatement fee
  • Retake exam
  • Remedial driving course

1 Year License Suspension

  • 3rd MOVING Offense
  • BMV reinstatement fee
  • Retake exam
  • Remedial driving course

Court Suspensions

  • Per Court Order based on violation

Most moving violations are 2 points

4 Point Violations:

  • Willful disregard for safety - Suspension
  • Speeding (30+ MPH) - Suspension

6 Point Violations

  • Fleeing an officer
  • Hit/Skip
  • OVI (A section)
  • Drag Racing
  • Any felony

May Be Granted:

  • School Purposes
  • Exam
  • Work Purposes
  • Medical Purposes